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Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Set Tranport!

At Set Transport, we are always seeking new long haul drivers to join our team of professionals.  We are also seeking owner operators for pulling our substantial fleet of dry vans, reefers & heaters across Canada.

Click here to apply to Set Transport!

As a potential new employee of Set Transport you must demonstrate personal and professional integrity.  Your values must synchronize with our companies values such as:

  1. A hard day’s work for an honest day’s pay;
  2. Honesty;
  3. Professional appearance including personal hygiene;
  4. Clean equipment, both inside and out, and must include tractor & trailer;
  5. Maintaining personal and professional relationships;
  6. Adhering to strict safety policies and guidelines.
  1. We provide better than average salaries based on experience;
  2. Your safety is our top priority.  See our Safety & Driving Policy.
  3. We are open to facilitating training and upgrading your skills;
  4. We have developed strong roots in our community.  In a short time we have established excellent business relationships with strong national brand companies.  These companies have become excellent advocates for our business and have enabled us to grow.
  5. We are committed to keeping your work related stress to a minimum.  Our fleet boasts new or newer equipment.  All our routes are pre-planned – our drive plan system ensures we stay on schedule mitigating the need and added pressure to “catch-up” when behind schedule.  Our GPS tracking system also provides peace of mind as we are able to deploy mechanical or emergency services to your exact destination if required.